Parachute Rigging Services

Does your gear need repair or is it time for a repack? Skydiving services is a full service onsite repair and inspection facility for sport, B.A.S.E. and Powered parachute equipment. Ship your gear to us, we will do an estimate and call you back for approval. Include a note with your shipping info and telephone number, as well as a description of the problem.

We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

The following is a partial list of the services offered.

Description of Service Price
Re-packs $70+
Canopy Patching $45+
Relines $210+
Harness replacement and repair $55+

Military Parachute Rigging Services

Skydiving Services LLC is a licensed government contactor. At present we have ongoing contracts with the Army, Air Force, Navy and USMC.

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  • Rigging
  • Rigging Instruction and certification
  • Canopy pilot
  • Videography
  • Equipment sales

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